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Ultimate Book Bundle Featuring Lakesides and Longing

Ultimate Book Bundle Featuring Lakesides and Longing

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Get the whole Michigan Millionaires series for one low price!

That's eight whole books with all your favorite tropes--grumpy sunshine, only one bed, forbidden love, brothers best friend, fake marriage and more...

Featuring Lakesides and Longing

Last night I slept in bed with my brother's best friend so he can protect me from my nightmares.

I'm starting to fall for him so I insist we put a wall of pillows between us.

The next morning I wake up feeling more well rested than I ever have.

I find him making breakfast with a smug smile on his face. I ask, "What happened last night?"

He winks and says...

"If you don't remember, I'm not going to tell you."

Books included in the bundle:

  • Snowfall and secrets
  • Folly and Forever
  • Monkeys and Mayhem
  • Roadtrips and Romance
  • Christmas and Commitment
  • Lakesides and Longing
  • Voyages and Vows
  • Pyramids and Promises


Featuring Voyages and Vows

Dani's fiancé left her at the altar. Her man of honor steps up and offers to marry her right then and there...and she says yes.

 Folly and Forever

Bethany marries her roommate just to save her house and help him get custody of his kid who is being neglected...

Snowfall and Secrets

Tess's new landlord is hotter than the sun, but a complete grump. But when the temps drop to negative 15, her heater craps and there is no way he's letting her stay alone without heat. He brings her back to his place but he only has one bed...

Roadtrips and Romance

Liz's car breaks down on day one of her California coast camping trip and her old high school crush rescues her, but the tent is only big enough for one air mattress...

Pyramids and Promises

Jessica left her cheating husband 4000 miles away. But he's a crazy stalker and found her anyway. Just as he's about to hit her, her hot new neighbor's dog attacks him...

Lakesides and Longing

Paige wakes up screaming in the middle of the night. Her enemy rushes to her room and doesn't hesitate. He climbs into her bed and pulls her thrashing body into his arms, holding her until she calms down….

Christmas and Commitment

Mia's fiancé left her at the altar. But she take my honeymoon anyway--why waste the trip? The eye candy in the suite next to her shows up at her door half-dressed looking for his dog...

Monkeys and Mayhem

Anna's one night stand from three months ago left a business card with an address in Thailand told her to come visit him sometime. After too much wine, she boo

1st chapter

Lakesides and Longing

Blake stood out on the deck of the ferry and
let the breeze ruffle his hair. He loved this
ride even though it was on the chilly side. It was peace‐
ful, though not terribly effective at erasing the memory
of the last twenty-four hours.
He was surprised he’d even made it here.
He had been between jobs and decided to give the
love of his life one more shot. Debbie had left him three
times—the last right before he planned to propose—but
he couldn’t let her go.
Well, at least not until he showed up in Kyoto and
found out she wasn’t there on a business trip, but a
honeymoon. He was such a fool. He’d really thought
she’d just been scared of commitment, not him, but then
she went and married the Italian playboy she’d run off
He was gutted and numb. Love wasn’t something he
understood. All he knew was that Debbie took his heart and smashed it to pieces. He’d never love anyone again,
and he had to give himself time to grieve and heal.
He wanted to find a job that would distract him. As a
pharmaceutical research scientist, he never had a steady
job, only projects. He didn’t need it. Several years ago,
he’d created a medication that helped lessen the side
effects of chemo and made a fortune. He’d never have to
work another day in his life if he didn’t want to, but he
did like his work, so he did projects. He was involved
with a few top-secret projects with various govern‐
ments and so even if he didn’t seek work out, it came to
him at least once a year.
What he needed right now was a good trek in the
jungle to find a poisonous spider or snake that would
cure a rare disease. But none of his contacts panned out.
So he got on a plane and flew back to the States. He
spent a few nights with his buddy Tristan in Florida and
then hopped into a rental and drove north with his
Doberman, Tria, not stopping until he reached
Why Mackinac Island, he didn’t know.
But it was as good a place as any to clear his head
and mourn his loss. And his buddies, Lukas and
Hayden, would see him through it.

TESS SET a cup of coffee down in front of him. She’d
welcomed Blake into hers and Lukas’s home, no ques‐
tions asked. Lukas had definitely found a keeper.
“Sorry if I woke you guys up,” Blake said. He’d taken the first ferry of the morning over. Hadn’t even called to
say he was there.
“No, Jack was already up. We just weren’t dressed
yet. I’m sorry about Debbie.” She gave him a pained
He shrugged. He’d spilled the whole story to the
both of them the second he stepped over the threshold.
They seemed happy to see him, and Dio was over the
moon that Tria came to play. He hadn’t seen his dog
since he arrived. They were playing hard in the
“You think I can stay in the carriage house for the
summer? I just need to be somewhere I can recharge for
a few months. I’m between jobs, and I just don’t want to
think about her. You know, even after Debbie left me in
Prague, I figured we’d get back together at some point.”
It’d been a few years, and he’d talked to her a couple of
Thank goodness for best friends. Blake had no living
family. Lukas and Hayden were the closest things to
brothers he had, and they lived three doors down from
one another. Truthfully, he thought about going to
Hayden first because his wife Anna had become Blake’s
best friend in the whole world, but he knew they were
not morning people. He’d visit them this afternoon.
“Yeah, sure. No problem. I’ll call Estelle and get it
cleaned up.”
Lukas’s cell buzzed. He picked it up and stepped out
of the room, leaving Blake with Tess.
“When are you due?” Blake pointed to Tess’s swollen
She placed a hand on it. “September. Jack is getting a
little brother.”
They chatted a bit about Jack and the coming baby,
and then Lukas stomped into the room, his face red like
the inside of a watermelon. He clenched his fists, his jaw
tight. It was a look that Blake had not seen on him
“What’s the matter?” Tess asked, tensing. Apparently
neither had Tess.
“It’s Paige.” Lukas had talked about his sister before,
but Blake had never met her. He wracked his brain to
see if he could remember what Lukas had said about
her in the past, but the only thing he could remember
was that her husband died a couple of years ago. Lukas
had talked about how hard it was to watch her go
through that.
Tess’s shoulder’s relaxed, and she let out a nervous
laugh. “What’d she do now?”
Lukas rubbed his face. “Just riling up the local sheriff’s department. We need to pay her a visit. Blake, you
up for a short road trip to rescue my baby sister?” It
might take a couple of days.
Blake grinned. “I’m always up for a road trip.”
Anything to distract him from the hole in his chest.

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