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Ultimate Book Bundle Featuring Voyages and Vows

Ultimate Book Bundle Featuring Voyages and Vows

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Get the whole Michigan Millionaires series for one low price!

That's eight whole books with all your favorite tropes--grumpy sunshine, only one bed, forbidden love, brothers best friend, fake marriage and more...

Featuring Voyages and Vows

I've been dreaming of your wedding since I was twelve. And my boyfriend of five years finally proposes, but wants nothing to do with the wedding planning.

My bff and now Man of Honor knows how important the wedding is to me so he goes with me to cake shops, the florist, and wedding venues. Everyone assumes he's the groom and we don't bother correcting them.

The day of the wedding arrives and everything is perfect. The skies are partly cloudy, the flowers look perfect, and I fit in your dress. I walk down the aisle and my family and friends wipe tears from their eyes.

My groom however, looks like he's about to puke. He gives me a strained grin and when it's time for him to say I DO, he he shakes his head and runs away.

Within seconds my BFF has his arms around me and his lips pressed against your ear. "I know this is your special day, and I don’t want to see it ruined. Just say yes and we'll figure out the details later.”

I don't understand, but then he gets down on one knee, my hands grasped in his. "Will you marry me?"

And I say yes.

Books included in the bundle:

  • Snowfall and secrets
  • Folly and Forever
  • Monkeys and Mayhem
  • Roadtrips and Romance
  • Christmas and Commitment
  • Lakesides and Longing
  • Voyages and Vows
  • Pyramids and Promises


Featuring Voyages and Vows

Dani's fiancé left her at the altar. Her man of honor steps up and offers to marry her right then and there...and she says yes.

 Folly and Forever

Bethany marries her roommate just to save her house and help him get custody of his kid who is being neglected...

Snowfall and Secrets

Tess's new landlord is hotter than the sun, but a complete grump. But when the temps drop to negative 15, her heater craps and there is no way he's letting her stay alone without heat. He brings her back to his place but he only has one bed...

Roadtrips and Romance

Liz's car breaks down on day one of her California coast camping trip and her old high school crush rescues her, but the tent is only big enough for one air mattress...

Pyramids and Promises

Jessica left her cheating husband 4000 miles away. But he's a crazy stalker and found her anyway. Just as he's about to hit her, her hot new neighbor's dog attacks him...

Lakesides and Longing

Paige wakes up screaming in the middle of the night. Her enemy rushes to her room and doesn't hesitate. He climbs into her bed and pulls her thrashing body into his arms, holding her until she calms down….

Christmas and Commitment

Mia's fiancé left her at the altar. But she take my honeymoon anyway--why waste the trip? The eye candy in the suite next to her shows up at her door half-dressed looking for his dog...

Monkeys and Mayhem

Anna's one night stand from three months ago left a business card with an address in Thailand told her to come visit him sometime. After too much wine, she boo

1st chapter

Voyages and Vows

Grayson tried to ignore the knot in
his stomach. But it twisted and turned, not letting go. He had a quick shower,
threw on joggers, and took the elevator down to the main floor of the hotel
with his stomach still bothering him.

The little store was not stocked well,
but it did have a small bottle of the pink stuff. He hoped it would help, but
he wasn’t sure anything would at this point. Maybe he should grab the bottle of
vodka instead.

The woman at the counter looked at the
bottle, then his face. She chuckled.

“Nervous?” she asked.

“You have no idea,” he replied. Half
the hotel had been rented out for the wedding, so of course, the woman knew
about it.

After she charged the overpriced bottle
to his room, he escaped back upstairs and downed the whole thing.

It did not help.

He contemplated going back for the
vodka but knew that wouldn’t be a good idea, even if it would make him feel

Cinco whined from the bed, and Grayson
sank down and petted the Doberman’s head. He rested his snout on Grayson’s
thigh. He always knew when Grayson was feeling down and had been the only one
Grayson confided his worries in about today.

Grayson stared out over the stormy
waters of Lake Michigan. The waves were higher than normal today. It would make
for stunning wedding pictures. But the clouds might also release rain that
could ruin them.

That might not be a bad thing.

He immediately felt guilty for the
thought. He wanted the wedding to go well, not be ruined. He owed Dani that

Cinco whined again, bringing his
thoughts back to the inside of his hotel room instead of three hours later on
the beach. “Maybe we should go for a run.”

Cinco perked up, his ears alert and
the stump of his tail wagging. Grayson glanced at the clock. He’d been up way too
early anyway. Sure, he’d have to shower again, but it would be worth it if the
run cleared his head. Not that he expected it to help, but it would at least
pass the time.

He hooked up Cinco’s leash and went down
the elevator. As he made his way out the back of the hotel and onto the beach,
evidence of wedding set-up was everywhere.

Dani had been planning her wedding for
ages, long before she even met Grayson. Her mom told him that the binder she
had that held all her wedding ideas was started the year she turned eight. From
then until she turned twelve, she was a bride for Halloween every year, and in
high school, she simply switched to the bride of Frankenstein. Dani was
unashamed of her obsession. And that was just one of the things he loved about

Grayson didn’t need to look closely at
the flowers strung around. He already knew they were white roses with pale
purple lilac sprigs. He had spent hours with the florist, Dani reiterating over
and over again that they had to be the perfect shade of lavender.

The chairs had been set up on the
beach, white and purple ribbons hanging from them, and a tent was going up next
to the chairs.

Grayson had been concerned about her
being overly obsessive when the real wedding planning finally started because
he knew how much this meant to her. He had wondered if it would turn her into a
different person.

But he never once saw her lose her
temper with anyone. She’d shed a few tears when she found her budget wouldn’t
cover the cake she wanted—a seven-tiered monstrosity from a baker she’d been
following on Instagram for years. But she found a less expensive local baker
and toned down the cake.

Grayson went behind her back, canceled
the order, and paid for the Instagram baker. He couldn’t wait to see her face
when she saw it.

There had been a few other things like
that, but Grayson took care of them all. He wasn’t about to let her dream
wedding become anything less than she’d imagined. There was nothing he wouldn’t
do for her. She was his best friend and had been since their freshman year in
college. She deserved the world, and he did everything he could to make sure
she got it.

He wasn’t sure when he’d fallen in
love with her. It might’ve been that first night they met when he saw her
across the room at one of the frat parties. It might’ve been the nights he
spent tutoring her in biology. Though he suspected it was the night he kissed
her for the first time.

He’d never forgotten that night.
They’d been a little tipsy from a party and were out walking the campus. It was
still early fall and not quite cold. She’d been telling him all about her dream
wedding, and he couldn’t help himself. He kissed her.

Which was stupid really. What young
college frat boy kisses a girl who just told him about the wedding she’d been
planning since she was eight?

He had.

And here he was.

At the wedding that was exactly the
same as she’d always wanted.

Down to the heavily perfumed lilac

He bounded down the sand with Cinco,
eyeing the clouds. This would not bode well for the wedding. After they got farther
away from the hotel, Grayson let Cinco off his leash, and he went racing out
into Lake Michigan. Grayson hadn’t foreseen that. Though he should’ve.

He was too distracted by the pain in
his stomach and the wedding.

It would take forever to clean Cinco
up. He didn’t have time for that. As it was, he barely had time to get back and
get ready.

He wished the day would stretch on
forever and never get to the wedding. Then things would continue on just like
they always had.

Instead, Dani was getting married.

And he wasn’t the groom.


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