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Ultimate Book Bundle Featuring Folly and Forever

Ultimate Book Bundle Featuring Folly and Forever

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Get the whole Michigan Millionaires series for one low price!

That's eight whole books with all your favorite tropes--grumpy sunshine, only one bed, forbidden love, brothers best friend, fake marriage and more...

Featuring Folly and Forever

My new roommate was supposed to be a girl…

Imagine my surprise when the dead sexy famous photographer Jamie Green shows up with his dog.

I'm tempted to tell him to get lost, but I need the cash to keep my house. But Jamie has problems of his own. He just found out his kid being neglected and he's going after custody. He presents a proposal that can fix both our problems—get married.

I say yes, but only because we sign a prenup that will leave me a million dollars richer at the end of a year and a promised divorce.

His lawyer told him that when social services starts sniffing around we have to act like we're really married.

That means he has to move into my room. The bed's a queen and he's six four.....

Books included in the bundle:

  • Snowfall and secrets
  • Folly and Forever
  • Monkeys and Mayhem
  • Roadtrips and Romance
  • Christmas and Commitment
  • Lakesides and Longing
  • Voyages and Vows
  • Pyramids and Promises


Featuring Voyages and Vows

Dani's fiancé left her at the altar. Her man of honor steps up and offers to marry her right then and there...and she says yes.

 Folly and Forever

Bethany marries her roommate just to save her house and help him get custody of his kid who is being neglected...

Snowfall and Secrets

Tess's new landlord is hotter than the sun, but a complete grump. But when the temps drop to negative 15, her heater craps and there is no way he's letting her stay alone without heat. He brings her back to his place but he only has one bed...

Roadtrips and Romance

Liz's car breaks down on day one of her California coast camping trip and her old high school crush rescues her, but the tent is only big enough for one air mattress...

Pyramids and Promises

Jessica left her cheating husband 4000 miles away. But he's a crazy stalker and found her anyway. Just as he's about to hit her, her hot new neighbor's dog attacks him...

Lakesides and Longing

Paige wakes up screaming in the middle of the night. Her enemy rushes to her room and doesn't hesitate. He climbs into her bed and pulls her thrashing body into his arms, holding her until she calms down….

Christmas and Commitment

Mia's fiancé left her at the altar. But she take my honeymoon anyway--why waste the trip? The eye candy in the suite next to her shows up at her door half-dressed looking for his dog...

Monkeys and Mayhem

Anna's one night stand from three months ago left a business card with an address in Thailand told her to come visit him sometime. After too much wine, she boo

1st chapter

Folly and Forever

For the thousandth time, Bethany wondered why
on earth she chose to major in tourism. It had
seemed such an exotic career at the time. Her college advisor,
Dr. Crotts, made it sound so appealing. She envisioned
herself working on a cruise ship or managing a five-star
hotel in Paris. In reality, the farthest she’d ever been from
Charleston, South Carolina, was the summer she turned
twelve, and her parents took her to Disney World.
Instead of traveling the world, she was stuck working for
the Board of Tourism, handing out brochures on the best
things to see in Charleston.
She frowned at the couple arguing in front of her. They
were probably in their fifties. Bethany guessed they were
celebrating an anniversary or something, but they were
giving her a headache. She loved her parents, and missed
them fiercely, but at times like this she wanted to take the
advice they’d given her and throw it out the window. Her
parents had convinced her that dance was an impractical
degree, but somehow thought tourism was better. She’d
probably be making more money dancing.
She waited for a pause in the argument and jumped in.
“If you are looking for a romantic tour, go for the private
carriage ride. If all you want is a nice tour around Charleston
to learn the history, then you should book the group tour.”
The wife glared at the husband. He frowned and dug out
his credit card. “We’ll go with the private carriage ride.”
Bethany took his card without looking at him. “Excellent
choice Mr....” She glanced down at the card. “Miller. You
won’t be disappointed.” She set the card on the counter and
smiled at the wife. Then she picked up her walkie and called
for a carriage. The boys always hung around outside the
office, so it wouldn’t be long before one showed up. Bethany
ran the credit card, had Mr. Miller sign the receipt, and
directed them to sit in the chairs by the door.
Less than a minute later, the door opened, and Bethany’s
heart raced. She hated the way her body betrayed her in
moments like this. She should be used to all of the carriage
operators. But they were all so male and cute. She had to be
professional, but her palms were already sweating. At least
she didn’t have to shake anyone’s hand.
Dylan sauntered up and gave her a million-watt smile.
She dropped her eyes, instantly uncomfortable. He was the
worst flirt of all of them.
“Is this my one o’clock?”
Bethany waved the couple over to the counter. “Yes. Mr.
and Mrs. Miller, meet Dylan Halford. He’ll be your guide this
Dylan held out his arm for the wife, and she took it with a
giggle. The husband frowned. Bethany made the mistake of
glancing at Dylan before he escorted them out. He winked at
her, and her face flushed.
Dylan was harmless enough, but, like most men, he
always flustered her. He was young. A history major at the
college. His girlfriend was adorable and hung out at the
office every chance she got, but Dylan flirted with any
woman who crossed his path, and Bethany never knew how
to react. She was desperately shy, and flirting was not her
They climbed into the carriage, and she sighed. She’d
never be good at her job if she couldn’t talk to people. Well,
she could talk to women. It was the men she had trouble
with. Even the old ones. She was lucky that most people who
came in looking for information were either couples or
groups of women.
She wanted to go home to her enormous house, revel in
the aloneness, and read. Books were better companions
than people. She checked the clock—an hour left on her
The bell on the door jingled, and a courier rushed up to
her. “I need Bethany Davis.”
“That’s me.” She gave the girl what she hoped was a nice
smile and not a grimace. Seriously, what was she thinking
choosing a career where she had to talk to different people
all the time?
The girl handed her an envelope and disappeared out the
door. Bethany stared at it for a second. The envelope had no
return address. She slid her finger under the flap and tugged
it open, not wanting to see what was in there. Envelopes like
this never had good news, but she wasn’t prepared for how
awful it could be.
She read the first line and collapsed into the chair behind
her. This couldn’t be happening. But it could. Her house would
be going to the tax sale in a week. The house was all she had
left of her parents. The only connection she had. When she
baked cookies, she could sit at the table, close her eyes, and
imagine her mother was there. No other house could do that
for her. Nor did any other home have a chip in the fireplace
where her dad dropped his bowling ball. She squeezed her eyes shut and took two deep breaths, trying to push away the
awful knots in her stomach.
This possibility had occurred to her since the taxes hadn’t
been paid for two years, but they were too expensive. Her
savings account had about half of what she needed, but she
hadn’t expected it to go to sale already. Her house was worth
a few million, and she was about to lose it in less than a week
over a few thousand dollars. The smart thing to do would be
to sell it first. At least then she’d have money to live off of.
She never thought rationally where the house was
concerned. She was born in that house and had never lived
anywhere else. It was her refuge. The one place to get away
from the world. All the good memories of her parents were
in that house. Sure, it had a few bad ones as well, but most
were happy. She wouldn’t survive without it.
That was stupid. Of course she’d survive, but leaving the
house would be like giving half of herself away. She didn’t
know how to be Bethany Davis if she wasn’t Bethany Davis
of 1535 E. Ashley Avenue.
For the last hour of her shift she contemplated what to
do. No brilliant ideas came to her. She’d sleep on it, and if no
plan presented itself, she’d call Mrs. Calhoun and offer her
the house if she could close within the week.
As Bethany cleaned up her area, tears leaked out of the
corners of her eyes, and she quickly brushed them off her
face. Crying on the job. All she needed now was Dylan or
one of the other guys asking her what was wrong. They
might even do something stupid like try to hug her.
She could survive this. Maybe this was a good thing.
Maybe she should use this as an opportunity to reinvent
herself. She could use the money from the sale to open that
dance studio she’d been dreaming about. Maybe the house
was keeping her stuck in the past. But her heart clenched at
the thought of never stepping foot in there again.

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